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Please DO NOT redistribute these scans without crediting me! And NO, absolutely NO STEALING! I scanned these myself using my own scanner. I bought the light novels with my own money. Yes, money. And I don't want someone else to take credit for scanning them. Otherwise, you can use them in graphics (and in other creations where you have room to put a link to this place) ONLY if you credit me. If you use them in banners or avatars, it's not compulsory to credit me.

Also, don't ask me to scan and translate the rest of the novels. I will only scan the images, you can find the novels translated in many languages.

The Brimstone Music [Irma]

>> Click here to download all (.RAR archive, 14.0 MB) <<

The Little Green Lights [Cornelia]

>> Click here to download all (.RAR archive, 7.28 MB) <<

The Evil Empress [Hay Lin]

>> Click here to download all (.RAR archive, 7.60 MB) <<