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This site will not be updated anymore. It is merely an archive.
If you spot any dead links, send me a message at this address:
Contact: exploring.the.infinity[at]

Hi, this is Olivia. Due to ever growing lack of interest in it, I've decided to "close down" this site. I won't kill it for good (until Webs gets bored of hosting it, that is), if only for the sentimental value. I'm keeping this up in case someone wants the stuff I made, but will not be updating this site any further.

Consequently, all that is provided here is downloads - click a thumbnail, download an archive. Use the navigation on the left to visit the respective pages.


I'm currently moving things around and creating the pages. You may come across dead links for a while, but the old pages are still up and can be accessed if you know the URL. Here's the status so far:
I haven't kept backups of the extracted PNGs, so I couldn't share them even if I wanted to.

Contact me

I can't promise I will reply very soon via e-mail, since I only check it about once a week, but I check Tumblr and MTS more often. I don't take requests or affiliates anymore, so please don't contact me about that.

These are old accounts I very rarely visit. I have some more stuff posted on them (like descriptions), if you want to check it out, but don't contact me on them as I will probably see your message after a few months.

Terms of use

  1. You are free to redistribute my things provided you do so for free (don't sell them or put them behind paywalls i.e donation, subscription requirements).
  2. Please don't put logos in places that obstruct my signature, and please don't remove it either.
  3. You may resize the wallpapers to other resolutions, and you may use the vectors in your own graphics.
  4. You don't need to credit me, but a link back to here would be nice; you can also contact me to show off your work :)

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